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About Us

We are Christos and Aristi, a couple in love.  Three years ago  we visited the area, fell in love with Stoupa and decided to stay.  We invested all our energy and love in our boutique hotel and we hope you'll will feel the same about Irida apartments, as we do.

Anything you need we are here to help.  Call us any time.


Christos and Aristi xxx

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Our energy became a project...


When we found this place we just knew that it was ideal.  A place to build for people to enjoy when visiting the area.  We could just imagine what this place could become and we put in all our love and energy to bring you Irida apartments as they stand now.  We are really proud of our project....A great place for couples, for families, close to all amenities but most important, next to the lovely beach of Kalogria, here in Stoupa. The beach is just a stroll away from our place.  An ideal vacation home for everyone and anyone.

Everything in our place is hand-chosen, new, decorated by us with lots of love and care. My wife made the curtains in the rooms and hand-painted the furniture.  You will find everything clean and tidy with comfortable amenities for you to enjoy.  Daily service is provided.  If there is anything extra you need just let us now.


We live only two minutes away so we are here to help, anytime.

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